Weekly Photo Challenge: Time


Time for quiet!

For the past couple of years I have been volunteering for a local festival, my “mission” is to go about and take photographs that they can use in promotional material. This is something I enjoy, its great to be able to help out and certainly very flattering that someone thinks my pictures are good enough to use. However, sometimes it gets a little suffocating, the crowds, the noise and if we’re really lucky, the sun! so it pays to find somewhere quiet to go.

On this particular Saturday, towards the end of the day, I was suffering from the effects of all three , so I escaped up to the loft space of Salts Mill, not often opened up to the public, but for the festival they were hosting the exhibition The Silent Wild a multimedia exhibition featuring image, sound and film, more importantly it was quiet(ish), empty(ish) and cool.

It gave me time to think and to find some peace again!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Time

Weekly Photo Challenge: Weight(less)


A pendulum is a weight suspended from a pivot so that it can swing freely. The period (i.e. time of each swing) can be affected by its length. The longer the pendulum, the faster it swings, a phenomenon beautifully demonstrated here. Once it has found its equilibrium, the pendulum would oscillate at the same speed forever, but friction and drag cause it to slow down.

For the Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Weight(less)

Weekly Photo Challenge: Careful


For the Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Careful

An embroiderer carefully working on her latest creation.

Taken at the “Makers Fair” as part of the Saltaire Festival in September this year, this lovely jewellery and embroidery designer sat very patiently whilst I tried to take some pictures of her working. It was very dark in the hall and most of the images were coming out very blurred, she very obligingly stayed still so I could get my shot.