Weekly Photo Challenge: Partners


This weeks Daily Post photo challenge is partners.

Sharing the sunlight together, lets be partners.

After Before Friday|One Photo Focus: October

The One Photo Focus Forum is hosted by Stacy from Visual Venturing. Once a month, we all get to edit the same image, its great fun and if you’d like to join in, click on this link.

This month the One Photo Focus image is brought to us courtesy of Michelle Lunato of Michelle Lunato Photography. A scene of blissful idyll with the low sun glinting off the boats in the lake.

Here is Michelle’s Original Image…

Image courtesy of Michelle Lunato

I love the way the light catches the water and wanted to focus in on that part of the image so I cropped it (quite severely!). Then I converted it to black and white in Lightroom and made some general adjustments to create a contrasty image. I then opened it up in Photoshop and created a frame by duplicating the layer, resizing it, adding a fill layer between them and reducing the opacity of this layer. Then to add more interest, I added a Hue/Saturation layer to the top image to create the blueish hue and changed the fill layer to an orangey colour. To make the layers “gel” together better, I added a layer mask to the top layer and painted through some of the orange colour.

Here is my final image…

Original image courtesy of Michelle Lunato, edit by Katie Prior
Original image courtesy of Michelle Lunato, edit by Katie Prior

I’d love to hear what you think and don’t forget to check out the other One Photo Focus edits on Visual Venturing. 

AfterBefore Friday – Week 17

Stacy at Visual Venturing has been hosting a weekly forum called AfterBeforeFriday for quite a few weeks now. It is really interesting to see how other photographers structure their workflow and how they create the image they want to achieve. I have been using Lightroom for a few months now and am stumbling over the processes, but have just about worked out my own system (it seems to work better if you have one!) so thought I would try and contribute to Stacy’s excellent forum.

This image was taken one evening, one of our neighbours was burning some garden rubbish. Whilst we were muttering about the fact that as we have a garden waste collection it seemed a crazy thing to do, the sun shone through the trees and caught the smoke and made some beautiful patterns. Of course I grabbed the camera, held my breath and went outside to attempt to capture it! The camera never quite manages to capture what you actually see (or maybe want to see!) so I put the image through Lightroom to “enhance” it.

My first step is usually to crop the image and as it was the light rays I wanted as my main focus I took out some of the black space at the bottom of the image.

Secondly I increased the contrast, boosted the highlights and shadows to bring out the rays and increased the clarity to create separation of the light and dark tones.

I increased the temperature and slightly moved the tint slider to create a more pleasing (I think) overall colour.

I then sharpened the image (to about 40) to make the lines on the rays cleaner and then smoothed it to stop it looking so grainy.

Finally I added a very slight shadow vignette to draw the eye into the centre of the image.

As I thought the original image came out a little drab, my aim was to make the it more “punchy” and defined. I hope I have succeeded, I’d be really interested to hear what you think.