Weekly Photo Challenge: Time


Time for quiet!

For the past couple of years I have been volunteering for a local festival, my “mission” is to go about and take photographs that they can use in promotional material. This is something I enjoy, its great to be able to help out and certainly very flattering that someone thinks my pictures are good enough to use. However, sometimes it gets a little suffocating, the crowds, the noise and if we’re really lucky, the sun! so it pays to find somewhere quiet to go.

On this particular Saturday, towards the end of the day, I was suffering from the effects of all three , so I escaped up to the loft space of Salts Mill, not often opened up to the public, but for the festival they were hosting the exhibition The Silent Wild a multimedia exhibition featuring image, sound and film, more importantly it was quiet(ish), empty(ish) and cool.

It gave me time to think and to find some peace again!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Time

Monochrome Madness at Christmas

This is the last week of Monochrome Madness at Christmas. I have thoroughly enjoyed Leanne’s festive theme, I hope you’ve enjoyed it too!

Christmas where you are


At the weekend I made a last minute Christmas shopping trip to Salts Mill. The place has several enormous Christmas trees, beautifully decorated, they look gorgeous! This one has the added benefit of the amazing painting of Saltaire by David Hockney (who has very close links with the mill and a permanent exhibition there).

For this week’s theme “Christmas where you are”

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And a very HAPPY CHRISTMAS to you!

After Before Friday: Week 51

The After Before Friday Forum is hosted by Stacy from Visual Venturing, it features a weekly behind the scenes look at various editing processes. Featuring a gathering of photographers all keen to learn from each other, each week we post an image before and after editing. If you want to find out more, or just visit and look at the images, click on this link.

Last weekend there was an arts festival running at our local village and I took a rare opportunity to visit the roof space of the old textile mill there. When we stepped into the room I was totally amazed, it is such a beautiful space. The Leeds Photographic Society were having a members exhibition there and whilst browsing the wonderful selection of members images, I took the chance to photograph the empty area at the end of the room.


As the room was bathed in bright sunlight, but had lots of dark shadows, I thought I would try out the new HDR feature in LR6 and took three bracketed exposures (at metered exposure, one stop under and one stop overexposed).

Screenshot 2015-05-27 12.39.11

I imported the images into Lightroom and highlighted the chosen images and selecting the HDR function, I merged the three images together. This gave me an image that was very bright, I had assumed that it would choose an exposure somewhere between the highest and lowest, but it has moved the whole histogram to the left creating an overly bright image.

Screenshot 2015-05-27 12.39.52

It was the darkness of the interior and the contrast with the sunlight on the floor and in the roof lights that had drawn me to the scene in the first place, so this effect was not what I had wanted. Fortunately when you use HDR in Lightroom, it is saved as a DNG file so you can enhance it like you would a RAW file. I reduced the overall exposure, increased the contrast and clarity to get more of the tone that I had wanted. At this stage I straightened it too, with so many converging lines, it had to be level!

Screenshot 2015-05-27 12.40.53

I was still not sure about the image, not dark and moody enough, so I darkened it again and after looking it at closer up, removed the horrendous chromatic aberration (is that a special feature of the HDR?) and here it is after all my adjustments…


And just for fun (and added contrast), I converted it to black and white.


I do like the HDR feature in Lightroom, it is easy to use, gives good results, there is no doubt that it is has a greater range of tones, even when the original (before HDR) is lightened.

Let me know what you think, I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Industrial

For Cee’s fun foto this week the challenge is Industrial. Here is the chimney and the main building from the very beautiful and imposing Salts Mill, a grade 2 listed building completed in 1853, towards the later part of the Industrial Revolution and initially used as a textile mill to make cloth from alpaca wool. Now renovated and a tourist attraction containing art galleries, cafes and bookshops.

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Things with Edges

Going home from the mill
Going home from the mill


I’ve always loved these steps coming up from Salts Mill, an old Victorian textile mill in Yorkshire that has been converted into a gallery and book/art shop. I can imagine the mill workers making their way home to their families up these steep steps. You can see how the edges of the steps have worn down over time under the feet of so many.

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