Thursday Doors


A view into one of the Open Gardens of Saltaire Festival. Inside this “secret garden” I found an artist and beautiful, red ceramic treasures.

For Norm’s Thursday Doors.



52 Week Photo Challenge: Week 6 Red


It has been festival time again and my favourite thing about the 9 day event is the Open Gardens. The Victorian terraced houses in the model village of Saltaire have quite small back yards, but even so some of the local residents open their gardens for the weekend so that strangers can wander in and out and admire their “small space” creativity. Each garden also generally hosts an artist who will exhibit their work in amongst the plants. If you are lucky, the artist may even be there, I love talking to the creators about their work, they are so passionate about it and it is really inspirational. I was lucky enough to meet and talk to Sally Barker, an artist who has just started working in ceramics (visit her website to see more of her work). Her pieces were exhibited on the walls of one of the gardens, it’s probably a complete cliche, but they had a truly organic feel to them. They reminded me of the fungi that you see growing on tree stumps, my other half said they reminded him of wasps nests. Created by squeezing little bits of clay and meticulously piecing them all together when they were fired, the glaze moved to the edges to create the unique look around the beautiful glowing blood red paint.

For the 52 Week Week Challenge: Week 6 Red

Colour your World: Tropical Rain Forest

Canal Warehouse Doors

Over the next three months, as part of Jennifer Nicole Wells “Colour Your World”, I will be joining in with 120 Days of Crayola. Every day a different colour from the Crayola crayon pack.

This door would have been used for goods coming in from the Leeds Liverpool canal, with the load being winched off the barges using the pulley overhead. Now no longer used, the plants are starting to take over. Also for Norm’s Thursday Doors.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Time


Time for quiet!

For the past couple of years I have been volunteering for a local festival, my “mission” is to go about and take photographs that they can use in promotional material. This is something I enjoy, its great to be able to help out and certainly very flattering that someone thinks my pictures are good enough to use. However, sometimes it gets a little suffocating, the crowds, the noise and if we’re really lucky, the sun! so it pays to find somewhere quiet to go.

On this particular Saturday, towards the end of the day, I was suffering from the effects of all three , so I escaped up to the loft space of Salts Mill, not often opened up to the public, but for the festival they were hosting the exhibition The Silent Wild a multimedia exhibition featuring image, sound and film, more importantly it was quiet(ish), empty(ish) and cool.

It gave me time to think and to find some peace again!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Time

Monochrome Madness at Christmas

This is the last week of Monochrome Madness at Christmas. I have thoroughly enjoyed Leanne’s festive theme, I hope you’ve enjoyed it too!

Christmas where you are


At the weekend I made a last minute Christmas shopping trip to Salts Mill. The place has several enormous Christmas trees, beautifully decorated, they look gorgeous! This one has the added benefit of the amazing painting of Saltaire by David Hockney (who has very close links with the mill and a permanent exhibition there).

For this week’s theme “Christmas where you are”

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And a very HAPPY CHRISTMAS to you!