One Photo Focus: June

As you may or may not know, Stacy Fischer from Visual Venturing hosts a monthly challenge, One Photo Focus. One person submits a photo and then everyone else gets to play around with it, the result being several very different versions of the same image.

This month we have this lovely picture of some boats on a river by David Croker of CADE Photographic

Image courtesy of CADE Photographic

This looks a great place to be, I can just imagine sitting in a pub garden overlooking this river on a warm summer evening with nice cold beer and some good company…watching the boats go past.

The reflections are gorgeous, especially the cloud top right. OPF is all about image manipulation, so I probably would’t normally do this but hmmm, I wonder what would it look like if I mirrored the image?

Image courtesy of CADE Photographic, editing by Katie Prior
Image courtesy of CADE Photographic, editing by Katie Prior

Now go and see what everyone else has done with this picture at Stacy’s One Photo Focus, it’ll be interesting!

After Before Friday: Harbour at Dawn

The After Before Friday Forum is hosted by Stacy from Visual Venturing, it features a monthly behind the scenes look at various editing processes.  Featuring a gathering of photographers all keen to learn from each other, each week we post an image before and after editing.If you want to find out more, or just visit and look at the images, click on this link.

Keen to expand my Photoshop skills, I thought it would be a good idea to pick a particular element and try to understand it as much as I could and then use it in my After Before Friday post.  Although this sounds a lot like self enforced homework, I’m hoping it will encourage me to expand my Ps skills and give my ABF post some focus (pun totally intended!). Continue reading