Creepy Castle

Image Bootcamp, run by Mitch Zeissler and Lucille de Godoy, is a weekly posting on the topic of photography with hints and techniques, a kind of advanced Photo 101.

It seems appropriate this week for Mitch to do a creepy post!

Firstly to choose a suitable creepy image. We have explored the odd castle or two over the years and they generally have some rather creepy places in them. This is looking up into the keep at Pembroke Castle in Wales, a cold, dark place with blooms of green stuff dripping down the old stone walls.

creepy castle

From the original, as suggested, I played with the tones and contrast/clarity until I was satisfied with the result. Then I used some split toning to emphasise the greenness and darkened the edges.

I’m not sure I’d like to be in here after dark!!