Monochrome Madness: City

Monochrome Madness, a weekly gallery of black and white images hosted by Australian photographer Leanne Cole. This months theme is City.

Wool Exchange-4

Completed in 1867, the Wool Exchange (the building on the right) is one of Bradford’s many architectural beauties. Used up until the 1960s for trading wool it symbolised the importance and wealth that wool brought to the city. Now repurposed as a Waterstones bookshop, it still retains many of the original details, the addition of the glass wall reflecting the opposite buildings perfectly. The sandstone brickwork of the buildings in the early(ish) morning sun creates a beautiful yellowy glow, so I have included the colour version too.

Wool Exchange-5

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Floral Friday

After a few days of sunshine, many of the flowers have sprung into life.  This is a great time of year for our garden. 🙂