Weekly Photo Challenge: Transition

This weeks Daily Post Photo Challenge is Transition.

Taken over a period of about three weeks, the transition of a purple allium. Like a firework, it performs its explosive display and then fades away again for another year.


Our 5 Senses: Smell

From the scented garden. Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: A Sense of Smell

For the series Habits and our 5 Senses

Thanks to Cee at Cee’s Photography for such an inspiring set of challenges and to Harlow Carr Gardens for their great idea of early opening especially for photographers.

Habits and our 5 Senses


This morning I got up very early, I had heard that Harlow Carr Gardens were running an event called “Morning Light Photography”. They were opening at 8am (rather than 9.30am) just to let some people with cameras try and catch the morning light in the gardens and avoid the crowds. What an opportunity! The gardens are beautiful at all times of the year, but often very busy, so this was great! Its a big place, but I bumped into a few other early morning snappers, all very friendly and there was plenty of space for everyone.

For the past few weeks the challenges on Cee’s Photography have been Habits and our 5 Senses. I’m very behind on these challenges, so I decided to use this as a theme for my photos today. Having the extra time and having a theme in my head enabled me to slow down, use manual mode more effectively and actually try and think more about the photos I was creating. It was great fun, I would thoroughly recommend it! Its easy to get into the habit of just pointing and shooting without thinking too much, hopefully this little exercise will help me form new, better habits.

And by the time I left at 10am, the first car park was almost full!

I managed to get some images from the gardens to cover all five senses, they will appear over the next few days…

A Sense of Seeing

A Sense of Touch

A Sense of Hearing

A Sense of Taste

A Sense of Smell