CBW: Storefront Signs


storefront signs

Cee’s black and white challenge this week is storefront signs. This picture of an “open” sign outside an antique shop was taken for a project that I contributed a bit to called “One Day in Shipley” where photographers “documented” their local environment for the one day (11th July 2015 – I think). The resulting photos were shown as a slideshow as part of an exhibition at the community centre. It was fun, there was a really good selection of photos that were contributed. I made a Flickr album with the pictures I took (of course there were many more from others!) here is a link to my One Day in Shipley album. 

Cee’s Black and White Challenge: Photographers

Cee’s black and white challenge this week is “cameras or photos of photographers”.


When I saw this scene, I couldn’t resist taking a picture of it. The old fashioned look of the group of Morris dancers, the camera on the tripod looking like it should be holding a vintage camera, but instead there is the LCD display of a digital compact. I’m sure he got a great picture, they are all smiling so nicely for him!