OWPC: Camera


For Jennifer Nicole Wells’s One Word Photo Challenge: Camera

Here I am lurking behind my first camera, an Olympus Pen-EE (which sadly no longer works) dating from the 1960s (mine was second hand before you ask!). The manufacturer claimed that it was “the World’s only camera that gives such perfect pictures with such clarity, and with such complete automation”  basically you could only change the ASA. I suppose that with the automatic exposure function (the “Electric Eye”) it was quite advanced for its time. At least as it was half frame, I would get 72 pictures instead of 36 and although most of them were not “perfect” I did get a lot of enjoyment out of this little camera.

Zero to Hero: A Penny for your Thoughts

What was on my mind when I wrote my first post? Well, I knew that I wanted to try and create a photo blog, but I suppose that I needed some direction and inspiration.

My sister and her family had just visited and she had very kindly brought me the most beautiful bunch of lilies. Sitting on our sofa a few days after they had gone, I saw how the sun was shining through the petals creating an amazing glowing effect. I ran for my camera and shot a series of images. Previously I had seen the Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge was “Threes” so I shot three different styles of photo for the challenge.  Click this link to see my first foray into the world of photo blogging.

I have really been enjoying the photo challenges, its a great way to stir your mind up into creating the next image!



Searching the attic

Finding my old Olympus PEN-EE camera in the loft has brought back many memories. It was bought second hand for me on my ninth birthday and accompanied me on many occasions. It has recorded family holidays, friends and the hot air balloons that passed over our garden (in black and white!). I still have some of the photos somewhere, not sure they’re up to much, but I enjoyed taking them. Many cameras later, my PEN-EE remains very dear to me, like an old friend.