52 Week Photo Challenge: Week 7 Time


When I have found the time, I have been working through a course on Photoshop from Creative Live. It has been a real eye opener and I have learned so many new techniques (remembering them is something else!) This picture was taken in a small village in France, a lovely little church with a very grand clock. To try and make it more interesting and generally just to practice and play about (!) I experimented with textures and blending modes to create this slightly darker, moodier version.

For the 52 Week Photo Challenge: Week 7 Time

52 Week Photo Challenge: Week 6 Red


It has been festival time again and my favourite thing about the 9 day event is the Open Gardens. The Victorian terraced houses in the model village of Saltaire have quite small back yards, but even so some of the local residents open their gardens for the weekend so that strangers can wander in and out and admire their “small space” creativity. Each garden also generally hosts an artist who will exhibit their work in amongst the plants. If you are lucky, the artist may even be there, I love talking to the creators about their work, they are so passionate about it and it is really inspirational. I was lucky enough to meet and talk to Sally Barker, an artist who has just started working in ceramics (visit her website sallybarker.org to see more of her work). Her pieces were exhibited on the walls of one of the gardens, it’s probably a complete cliche, but they had a truly organic feel to them. They reminded me of the fungi that you see growing on tree stumps, my other half said they reminded him of wasps nests. Created by squeezing little bits of clay and meticulously piecing them all together when they were fired, the glaze moved to the edges to create the unique look around the beautiful glowing blood red paint.

For the 52 Week Week Challenge: Week 6 Red