52 Week Photo Challenge: Week 7 Time


When I have found the time, I have been working through a course on Photoshop from Creative Live. It has been a real eye opener and I have learned so many new techniques (remembering them is something else!) This picture was taken in a small village in France, a lovely little church with a very grand clock. To try and make it more interesting and generally just to practice and play about (!) I experimented with textures and blending modes to create this slightly darker, moodier version.

For the 52 Week Photo Challenge: Week 7 Time


4 thoughts on “52 Week Photo Challenge: Week 7 Time

  1. Rear that you are taking a Photoshop course. I find that I don’t remember everything, but if I know it the tool or technique is there I can find it or look it up. The courses show me what is possible. My mwthod is to try or lean one new trick a week. I can do that for the rest of my life and never learn it all.

    1. Thats a great idea, and sometimes just knowing that you know that something can help you will make you delve back into the course to look it up. Photoshop has so many features and ways of working I can see what you mean about never running out of something to learn!

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