One Photo Focus: August

As you may or may not know, Stacy Fischer from Visual Venturing hosts a monthly challenge, One Photo Focus. One person submits a photo and then everyone else gets to play around with it, the result being (hopefully) several very different versions of the same image.

This month’s image comes from Robin Kent at photographybykent a rather cool picture of the London Eye on the Thames.

Image courtesy of Robin Kent

I wonder what this would look like at night?

Well, here is my attempt to turn day into night using Photoshop. I guess there is a power cut or maybe its just that I’ve not yet worked out how to turn black windows into ones with lights on! Perhaps I’ll have to look into that, any suggestions?

Image courtesy of Robin Kent, edited by Katie Prior

You must go and see what everyone else has done with this picture at Stacy’s One Photo Focus, it’ll be interesting!


16 thoughts on “One Photo Focus: August

  1. Woah, very cool transformation, Katie! And you blended the moon into the scene so well. As for lights in the windows? Hmm, perhaps Emilio (the guru of light rays) might have an explanation!

  2. Great job, Katie. Can’t think of an easy way to “light” those windows. Let’s go with the story that the Brexit vote had an unexpected consequence on their electrical power supplies;-)

    1. Thanks Robin for your comments and for providing such great picture, it was really cool to work with. Maybe to get the lights on, we need to stuff a few more pennies in the meter!

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