Monochrome Madness: High

Monochrome Madness, a weekly gallery of black and white images hosted by Australian photographer Leanne Cole. This months theme is High.


This is part of the very unusual “Bling Bling” building. Found on the cusp of Liverpool’s Ropewalk district and the Liverpool One development, it was commissioned by hairdresser Herbert Howe to be an emporium dedicated to the hairdressing industry. Its quite an impressive building, with projections coming out the sides looking like elaborate gold picture frames. One of these is in the picture above, you can walk in them, but to me it looks a little scary, I mean how does it stay there?

For more black and white images or if you want to know how to join in, please visit the Monochrome Madness gallery.


11 thoughts on “Monochrome Madness: High

  1. It is very unusual – and how fun that it pays tribute to hairdressers – we have a couple on the family tree (cousins and that) and well – this looking up does play with a sense of balance – nice in mono!

    1. You’re right, its very unusual, I think I was so taken with this weird bit sticking out the side that I overlooked the rest of the building.
      Must be handy having hairdressers in the family 😉

      1. Well they couple we have live far away – but early on (like in 90s) one of the hairdressers (also a business owner) was tired of family expectations for freebies – and she had a good point – because early on it was the kind of profession that expectations were all over the place! But she got that worked out-!
        Anyhow – I love was shocked by how much money some hairdressers make – not all – but the ones that hustle and the ones that anchor at a Good place (where they get at least half) well I was surprised at the amounts!

        Anyhow – hairdressers can be such a societal gift – and so can builders – like the architect who designed this cool structure – I almost wonder why more buildings don’t get a little more whimsical – makes life fun!

  2. Wow! How DOES it stay up there? 🙂 Just kidding. Thanks for the description, I’ve never been to Liverpool, so that helps know what it is. Love the black and white. 🙂

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