CBW: Storefront Signs


storefront signs

Cee’s black and white challenge this week is storefront signs. This picture of an “open” sign outside an antique shop was taken for a project that I contributed a bit to called “One Day in Shipley” where photographers “documented” their local environment for the one day (11th July 2015 – I think). The resulting photos were shown as a slideshow as part of an exhibition at the community centre. It was fun, there was a really good selection of photos that were contributed. I made a Flickr album with the pictures I took (of course there were many more from others!) here is a link to my One Day in Shipley album. 


9 thoughts on “CBW: Storefront Signs

  1. I am going to check out the album next – but what a cool photo – the thin wheel on the buggy really grabbed me (not sure why) – and then the turned tag on the front vase added interest – left me wondering how much – and such an inviting photo – esp for those of us who like to browse these stores sometimes 😉

    1. Thanks Yvette! Can you imagine how bumpy the ride would be in those old prams! And how about if I told you that it’s not a vase, but an old milk churn!

      1. Oh I bet that would be bumpy – maybe that is why some people end up pessimistic and crabby – it starts in the stroller – jk !
        And how cool that it is a milk jug – that makes sense – and do u know how much ?

      2. Maybe that is why some are so grumpy 😦 ha, ha!
        Do you want me to check on that milk churn? if they still have it of course, and better check the shipping 😉

      3. Actually it is not my style – but I used to like perusing more back in the day – I am changing a bit!
        Oh and my spouse hates Antiques – he says it is a fancy name for junk! Ha! Well he likes some antiques – the preserved well made furniture and whatnot –
        But thanks for the offer – also – as we are almost empty nesters I continue to purge items vs attain new things – ha! Feeling the years in a good way!

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