OWPC: Camera


For Jennifer Nicole Wells’s One Word Photo Challenge: Camera

Here I am lurking behind my first camera, an Olympus Pen-EE (which sadly no longer works) dating from the 1960s (mine was second hand before you ask!). The manufacturer claimed that it was “the World’s only camera that gives such perfect pictures with such clarity, and with such complete automation”  basically you could only change the ASA. I suppose that with the automatic exposure function (the “Electric Eye”) it was quite advanced for its time. At least as it was half frame, I would get 72 pictures instead of 36 and although most of them were not “perfect” I did get a lot of enjoyment out of this little camera.


14 thoughts on “OWPC: Camera

  1. Cool image!!!
    I had a photo started for this word (fun word from the OWPC) but could not get to it – maybe later this month I can do a round up post! Or not….
    Anyhow – I see that your love for photography has been ongoing – and cool old camera – 😉 (and used – wink)

      1. Hey – I also know that if you were “that” old we would likely have grandparent posts and just different stuff here at your blog – plus – you have the smoothest and most wrinkle free forehead ever – nice skin Amiga! 😉

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