One Photo Focus: May

As you may or may not know, Stacy Fischer from Visual Venturing hosts a monthly challenge, One Photo Focus. One person submits a photo and then everyone else gets to play around with it, the result being (hopefully) several very different versions of the same image.

This month we have a rather nice picture of what looks like an old colonial building from Australian photographer Julie Powell.

Image courtesy of Julie Powell
Image courtesy of Julie Powell
Earlier this year Google made the move to make the Nik Collection available for free, an interesting move. I downloaded it but have not had chance to really get into it, so I thought I’d experiment with it on the OPF!

I made some basic adjustments with the image in Lightroom and removed the odd sensor spot (the price of such beautiful blue skies!). Then I exported it to Nik Color Efex and came up with this…

Image courtesy of Julie Powell
Nice colours and contrast and increased detail, but I wanted something more for the OPF!

So, I exported it again into Analog Efex and added some effects to make it look like a classic camera. Added some dust and scratches, a little fading and a vignette. Here is my finished image…

Image courtesy of Julie Powell – edited by Katie Prior
You must go and see what everyone else has done with this picture at Stacy’s One Photo Focus, it’ll be interesting!


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