One Word Photo Challenge: Bubbles

A world inside a soap bubble. For Jennifer Nicole Wells OWPC: Bubbles.



14 thoughts on “One Word Photo Challenge: Bubbles

  1. Katie !! You have a house in the b & w – and do I see it twice? Is this refraction? Brilliant bubble pics ((ok – I will tone down the enthusiasm – but so fun))

    1. Aargh! science questions so early in the morning! I think this is called “thin film interference” a kind of mix between reflection and refraction that causes the lovely rainbow effect you get with soap bubbles! The bubble appears to be acting like a wide angle lens though and making our house look huge! 😉 These were fun to do, maybe it’s time to get the bubble mixture out again! 🙂

      1. Oh thanks for the info!
        And years ago my FIL’s wife bought my boys this old fashioned bubble maker – a stick and rope – used with a bucket which made giant bubbles – it was fun –

      2. Well I did not think they would work – and then they did – and I wonder how many effects “you” would capture with that large of a bubble! Refraction – reflection –

        Retraction- rendition – repetition – reelection – just kidding – now I am being Silly

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