Weekly Photo Challenge: Abstract

Earlier this year I got the ebook The Visual Imagination by David DuChemin (he of “gear is good, but vision is better” fame!). I found it a very interesting read about experimenting with your creative vision. It contains a few practical exercises, one being to take pictures with long shutter speeds whilst moving the camera. By playing with the technique and varying the speed and direction of camera movement, you can create some very different images. These are ones I took not long after reading the chapter, I like how the movement loses any detail and takes the image down to simply shape and colours. After a while, they become unrecognisable blocks of colour.

This week Ben has challenged us to find an Abstract picture, visitΒ the Daily Post WPC for more abstracts.


24 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Abstract

    1. He’s very inspiring about the creative side of photography. There’s quite a few books he’s written, I’ve read several now, really nicely written and presented and of course gorgeous images.

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