Colour your World: Vivid Violet

vivid violetOver the next three months, as part of Jennifer Nicole Wells “Colour Your World”, I will be joining in with 120 Days of Crayola. Every day a different colour from the Crayola crayon pack.


8 thoughts on “Colour your World: Vivid Violet

      1. Ah, thankfully no, but I’ve just scheduled the last few CYW posts and then we’ve done 120, so bit sad really. I’ve enjoyed doing them. Then I’ll perhaps take a bit of a breather and hope not to loose momentum. 😊

      2. Oh cool – well it seems like a fun challenge and I have never gone that many in a row – but I do know what it means with the momentum – and I usually have hard time getting back after summer. So this year I am talking way less time off – way less. anyhow, thanks for the reply and have a great day KP

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