Holga Adventures: Part Two


After a couple of days I received an email from Photo Hippo saying they had my negatives and CD ready to send back to me, yippee! They arrived in the post a couple of days after that, nicely packaged and not too long to wait.

Now to see how they had turned out! I had mentioned in part one that I was not very confident that I would have much to show for my efforts and I really would not have been surprised if I had several strips of clear brown film in the envelope. So I guess I was starting with no expectations whatsoever, but there were some recognisable images and there were (I thought) some half decent pictures in there, albeit a little on the dark side, considering it was from a toy camera with a plastic lens!

Here are a few of the ones that I consider to be, well, OK!

If you wish to see a few more, I have put them on to my Flickr stream (scroll down to the bottom right of the page for the link).

They are all quite underexposed and I’m considering adjusting this in Lightroom, but I’m not sure if that isn’t just missing the point, however I did convert one of them to black and white for my Monochrome Madness submission this week.

All in all, I found it a good exercise in thinking more before pressing the shutter and I really enjoyed using film again. Its not an easy task to get it developed and costs mount up at every stage, the lab I used were good, very straightforward, fairly speedy and I will use them again.

If anyone else has any experiences or tips about shooting with a Holga, then please leave a comment, I’d love to hear from you.

Meanwhile, the experiment continues!


4 thoughts on “Holga Adventures: Part Two

    1. Thanks Cate. They are sharper (in places) than I thought a plastic lens would be capable of. I’m glad you liked the reflections, I was quite pleased with them too!

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