Colour your world: Bittersweet



Over the next three months, as part of Jennifer Nicole Wells “Colour Your World”, I will be joining in with the challenge 120 Days of Crayola. Every day a different colour from the Crayola crayon pack.


3 thoughts on “Colour your world: Bittersweet

    1. I’m so glad you are 😊, I’m enjoying it too, although some colours are really hard to find! I’ll let you into a little secret though, the posts so far have all been scheduled and I’ve dug into the archives (well not too far back!) for the photos (which has relived some happy memories!) I’ve still got loads of colours which I need to find though, who would have thought that you could produce 120 different colours in one set! I wonder if they thought of the colour or the colour name first on some of them! 😉

      1. yes, I wonder too and it would make sense if they did match the color to the picture first – and side note – truly a fun challenge to get you looking and thinking though – and pretty cool that you can schedule posts – actually perfect for this kind of challenge.
        and a nice way to portfolio more of your work – I am curious to see how folks will feel after the 120 days of the color challenge – hmmm

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