After Before Friday | One Photo Focus : January

Well its that time again, the time when all of us taking part in the One Photo Focus group get to take a nice image and edit the heck out of it! This is also the first anniversary of One Photo Focus, so congratulations Stacy!

This month, our original image comes from the very talented Laura Macky.

KatiePrior-One PhotoFocus-January-before
Image courtesy of Laura Macky
I really wasn’t sure if I have the time to do the OPF this month, but when I saw Stacy’s reminder post and the gorgeous picture we had to work on, I couldn’t resist! Also I’d just read an article on Digital Photo School about creating a vintage look and thought it would work nicely with this image.

Briefly (ahem!) this is what I did, if you want to find more detailed instructions then click on the link and check out the DPS post.

  • In Photoshop I added a very slight Gaussian blur as the image seemed too sharp to be vintage!
  • Then using the gradient map I added an adjustment layer turning the image to black and white and then reduced the opacity to desaturate the colours, then added a further adjustment layer with a brown gradient map, also with the opacity reduced.
  • I added a couple of textures, masking out the areas that I didn’t want covered. then a vignette using the lasso tool and a curves layer (see the tutorial in the link if you want to know how to do this!).
  • Then I brought it back into Lightroom, increased the contrast and added a very slight post crop vignette.
  • Back in Lightroom, I noticed the bit of metal sticking out the side of the boat, so I took it back into Ps and cloned it out.

KatiePrior-One PhotoFocus-January
Image courtesy of Laura Macky, edited by Katie Prior
I’d love to know what you think!

Please don’t forget to check out the other edits of this image at our One Photo Focus group over at Visual Venturing.


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