2015: A review in pictures

New Years Eve already! Doesn’t time fly!

2015 has been a good year for me so far as my photography is concerned. I have had a couple of pictures up in a small exhibition, had several images published in a local magazine, one of my pictures was used to advertise the local Christmas Lights “Switch On” and I entered an image into a competition for a national charity, it was one of the winners and was published in their calendar. It has taken a fair amount of effort and determination and the result has fed my self confidence and will (hopefully) spur me on to keep on putting myself “out there”. OK, I can’t quit the day job, but I hope my small successes can give you some inspiration too!

Mitch from Imagecraft Bootcamp, posts his best pictures from the year on New Year’s Eve and has invited anyone to join him. I thought I’d like to join in the fun so here are my favourites from this year in a gallery for you.

And a black and white gallery…

Here’s to a great year of photographing and blogging to you all! 🙂


5 thoughts on “2015: A review in pictures

  1. goodness – where have I been? For some reason you do not come up in my reader and so when I scroll – I am missing your stuff – I will try and find a way to fix this because there are a few others I am missing too – anyhow, love your review photos post – and love your work. have a great day and here’s to a great new year – xoxo

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