Stairs in Low Key

Recently I found this great new challenge on Mitch Zeissler’s site, Exploratorious.

Image Bootcamp, run by Mitch and Lucille de Godoy, is a weekly posting on the topic of photography with hints and techniques, a kind of advanced Photo 101.

The challenge started about a month ago so I’m already on catch up! The second week was post processing to create a low-key effect. The suggestion is to find an image that has a single, directional light source, I found this one of a set of rather ornate stairs. I really like the stairs, but was not happy with my picture as the light was so strong and directional that it was extremely hard to expose correctly. Why not have a go at this technique on this image then?

low key - stairs

Here is the original for comparison (I love the colours of the original, maybe I’ll have to go back when the sun isn’t shining so bright)




7 thoughts on “Stairs in Low Key

  1. The darkness of the staircase in B/W, with glints of sunlight to accentuate details is really wonderful, but that top window is too distracting.

    1. Thanks Olga, I appreciate your feedback. I kept the top window a little overexposed as I didn’t want there to be any exterior details visible and I wanted a clear light source, but I can see your point. I think to get rid of it, I would be better going back and reframing the shot, something which I would like to do anyway when I get the opportunity. Thanks for your comment.

      1. It was a truly unique photo. I kept perusing the staircase with my eyes in admiration and enjoying the wonderfully highlighted and dark look of it.

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