Monochrome with a little bit of Madness!

There is no regular Monochrome Madness for the next couple of weeks whilst Leanne is on her tour of the U.S.A. But, I didn’t want to miss my regular Tuesday monochrome posting though so here is a “Not Monochrome Madness” image for this week.

castle doorway

This was taken at Carew Castle in Pembrokeshire, Wales. It has a rich history, its position on a low hill next to a navigable river made it popular as long ago as the Iron Age. It has been built upon and added to by the Normans; during Medieval times; the Tudors; the Elizabethans and parts of the castle were destroyed by Parliamentarians in 1642 during the Civil War. It was left to ruin in 1686, the ruins were then immortalised by painters such as JMW Turner. Now it is great place to explore and imagine what life would have been like.

To catch up with Leanne’s U.S.A. tour check out her U.S.A. wanderings at Monochrome Madness will be back on 6th October UK time (7th October Australian time)


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