Cee’s Black and White Challenge: Sculptures, Statues and Carvings

These wonderful sculptures were on display at Herstmonceux Castle in East Sussex when we visited in summer 2013. There was a sculptor at work in the gardens and several pieces were placed around the castle grounds. The artist, Hilary Manuhwa, works with stone to create beautiful Shona Sculptures, a style originating from Zimbabwe in the mid 20th century.

The textures of the works are just amazing, the surfaces are polished to such a smooth finish that you just want to run your hands along them and the contrast with the rougher textures works so well. It seems he goes to Herstmonceux on an annual basis, so this is the place to go if you want to see lots of his sculptures on display in the open air.

For Cee’s black and white challenge: sculptures, statues and carvings.


6 thoughts on “Cee’s Black and White Challenge: Sculptures, Statues and Carvings

  1. They are beautiful work of art. The last sculpture is one of the greatest I’v ever seen. You really caught them in their beauty Katie.

  2. Not normally a fan of tints in black and white, however, in these images it works perfectly and really helps to bring a metallic nature to the original stone sculpture. This is create they can be conceived in both ways. Well executed and well processed.

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