Weekly Photo Challenge: Muse

This week’s photo challenge from Brie Anne asks us what is your muse, what inspires you?

I have been thinking about this for a while, there are many things that inspire me, not just the one. I could say the sea, maybe its from living on a small island, but I just love to see the sea. This year I have been lucky, I have been to the seaside twice already and our holiday this year will be just a few miles from the beautiful Welsh coast.

When I’m much further inland at home, if I have the chance, I do love to sit in the garden, relax, take pictures, watch the kids play, maybe even do some gardening! It’s rather unkempt, full of weeds, the grass is always too long and the hedges have a mind of their own! Reliant on hardy plants that come up every year or self seed and shrubs that we just about keep under control, but more often than not full of insects, especially bees and if we’re lucky a few butterflies. Its hard not to find inspiration somewhere in the garden. So today, on what seems to be the hottest day of the year so far, I went out for inspiration.

Here is my muse (well at least one of them!).


7 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Muse

  1. Gorgeous images Katie will lovely contrast between fore and background. You have done well to not have the greens too ‘in your face’. Did you need to tone them down in post processing? Look forward to next photos.

  2. Thanks for the great feedback! Although I generally do some sort of post processing, the only pp done on these was from the RAW editor in LR. I’ve been working more in “manual”, but still setting the white balance to auto, so I guess I was lucky In that respect!

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