After Before Friday: Week 52 – One Photo Focus

The After Before Friday Forum is hosted by Stacy from Visual Venturing, it features a weekly behind the scenes look at various editing processes. Featuring a gathering of photographers all keen to learn from each other, each week we post an image before and after editing.  If you want to find out more, or just visit and look at the images, click on this link.

This month it is the one year anniversary of “After Before Friday” and we are all working on Stacy’s image. She has chosen a picture of the house that was used in the filming of the 70s TV show Mork and Mindy. When I was a kid I used to love this show, so I was excited to work on this image. I never really thought there would be an actual house where it was filmed, I just assumed that everything would be film sets!  Apparently the house is at 1619 Pine Street, Boulder, Colorado, if anyone wanted to visit.

On to the picture. Here is Stacy’s before image of the house.

1619 Pine St, Boulder, Colorado.Image courtesy of Stacy Fischer.
1619 Pine St, Boulder, Colorado.Image courtesy of Stacy Fischer.

Not a bad image to start with, a little overexposed, but nice framing and plenty to work with. I love the repeating white lines in the fence and on the house.

Despite this, I ended up cropping out the fence in the foreground, I wanted to concentrate the eye onto the porch area with the white posts and the swing and door. I used various ways to dodge and burn the area, I used a graduated filter to level out the exposures between the top and bottom half and used the brush tool within the grad filter in LR to remove areas of the building that didn’t want the exposure reducing. Using the brush tool itself, I brought down the exposure on the lawn area at the front too. Then I converted to black and white and using the split toning, added a bit of colour back into it. Finally I reduced the clarity but masked the area around the porch so this would retain a higher clarity.

1619 Pine St, Boulder, Colorado.Image courtesy of Stacy Fischer.
1619 Pine St, Boulder, Colorado.Image courtesy of Stacy Fischer.


I hope you like my interpretation of Stacy’s image, please go and check out the other versions at Stacy’s One Photo Focus.


20 thoughts on “After Before Friday: Week 52 – One Photo Focus

    1. Thanks very much Amy! Its getting easier as I become more accustomed to LR and its cool features. Writing down the details, helps me work out what I have done/ am doing! 🙂

      1. I will try to write it down next time, For this one, I had tried many different options, just didn’t remember how did I get there. 🙂 I think I spent some 3 hours…

      2. Oh my goodness! For me, its definitely the do it, then try and work out what you did and write it down. Its not ideal, and hopefully I remember what I did, thank goodness for LR keeping a history! 🙂

  1. The sepia really is a nice touch. I, also, do it first, then go back and write it down based on the Lightroom history. It’s amazing how this one challenge has improved my skills. But I keep seeing how far I have to go when I see every body else’s!

    1. Thanks Emilio, I’m glad you like the sepia tone. I quite agree, this challenge, and just being involved in the blogging community full stop, has advanced my photography no end. There’s still a very long way to go though! We should just enjoy the journey! 🙂

      1. I have been having so much fun I should be arrested. My wife says my photography is the other woman in our marriage! 🙂

    1. Thanks Stacey. Reducing the clarity on the areas except the porch really helped, I have a version with the clarity increased on the whole image and it made my eyes hurt! 😉

      1. the clarity is a wonderful tool, when you drag it right down it does a great blur effect 🙂

    1. Thanks Ben. I like the way in LR6 you can brush out bits of the selected gradient, really good for scenes like this where there things that push up into the sky.

  2. Yup, I DO like what you have done, Katie! Cropping in to bring more focus to the front of the house was a great call (and something that I didn’t think to do). And using the selective focus on the front door and porch? Brilliant! That’s such a lovely part of the house, and the increased clarity just makes it sing. And lovely almost-purplish toning. I tend not to color tone my images (don’t know why), so it’s always fun to see others do it. Thanks so much for participating in the Forum and in the celebration! 😃

    1. Thanks for your lovely comments Stacy. 🙂 I’m glad that you like the toned black and white. I try not to overdo it and it doesn’t always work, but sometimes my black and white version looks too dull! Its been a pleasure coming to your anniversary party, I may have overdone the cakes though! 🙂

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