extra{ordinary} Photographs of Britain: an exhibition

Forever trying to expand my visual horizons, I went to the opening of the extra{ordinary} Photographs of Britain exhibition at the Impressions Gallery in Bradford. It is a series of photos taken over 15 years showing the “extraordinary in the everyday”. Pictures are from several locations around Britain and serve as a great record of social change since the millennium. We can smile at some of the images, a floating caravan with a row boat attached, a picture of a sign telling us that “shoplifters will be prostitued” and cringe at the pictures of men sunning themselves in their speedos outside the ladies loos. These photos are able to bring out a wry smile or a tragic glance with their clever takes on urban life.

The exhibition is only one part of the tour, they are also touring the Bradford area in their yellow caravan showing their gallery and encouraging locals to contribute thoughts and memories spoken, visual or written to their caravan gallery.

After Bradford, the tour continues to Cardiff, Preston, Middlesborough and Southampton and is well worth a visit if you are near these places. And if you’re not, check out their website, thecaravangallery.photography.

I’ll leave you with a gallery of pictures I took from the opening.



7 thoughts on “extra{ordinary} Photographs of Britain: an exhibition

  1. what great idea for a series – 15 years since 2000 – and my, my,my did this get me thinking about how my own life has unfolded since that special year – after Y2K came and went – whew – has it really been 15 years??? anyhow, I left some comments as I scrolled the gallery – but the ending photo is my absolute fav – the man with the book – the child and older person peering on the photos that have captured life – while outside the window life goes on – and then the floor and buildings give it all this tastiness – this one seems like a microcosm of the the essence of whole event. hm

    1. They have made into a very organic project and are building up images on their tour. I’m hoping to catch their caravan (yes, it is an actual caravan!) whilst they are touring the area. Thanks for taking the time to comment, I really appreciate it! 🙂

      1. oh my pleasure to comment – and enjoy sharing a small bit of life with you through our blogs and pics. so nice, ya know? and a caravan – how cool…..

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