Bluebells and a new adventure

Recently I’ve been thinking about more about ways of improving my photography. It can be quite a solitary pastime and one of the things I would like to do is to meet up with other photographers. After looking around on the internet for groups to join, I found Yorkshire Photo Walks, a local run enterprise offering photography tuition on location. I decided to sign up for a walk in a nearby wood with the promise of “Beautiful Bluebells”.

Riffa Wood-2

It was a really rainy morning, but thankfully the rain calmed down and did eventually stop. I really enjoyed the photo walk, it was great to meet with Tom and to be inspired by his enthusiasm and knowledge. He made us think about what we were taking and why we were taking it, trying to steer away from the idea of just creating “nice” photos.

The woods were quite dark and the bluebells created a kind of purple mist on the forest floor, it had a very magical feel to it and I had wanted to recreate this. We talked about leading lines and having interesting things in the frame. He had brought along a torch which we used to isolate a bluebell to try to create studio lighting “in the field”.

Here are the photos I took from that morning, click on an image to view them all in full screen.

This is a month of new things, as I have now joined Flickr to join up with the photo walk group, so I’ll have to see how that works out.

I am hoping to go on another of his walks later this month, so watch this space!


27 thoughts on “Bluebells and a new adventure

  1. Those are all so beautiful. But you have great scenery to work with, and that always helps. I think a photo walk would be so fun, and a great learning experience.

  2. Lovely, I can smell the wet woods looking at your images. What a beautiful place for a walk. Way to step out of your comfort zone and learn! That is really exciting.

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