After Before Friday: Week 45

The After Before Friday Forum is hosted by Stacy from Visual Venturing, it features a weekly behind the scenes look at various editing processes. Featuring a gathering of photographers all keen to learn from each other, each week we post an image before and after  editing.

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My photo this week is from a recent trip to the Jurassic Coast in Dorset, England. It is an amazing place, with rugged cliffs holding a treasure trove of fossils from millions of years ago. We were so close to the sea that in the evening, just as the sun was going down, I was able to steal out for half an hour and wander along the seafront with my camera.

Sea puddles at sunset-before

I was drawn to the lines and the light on the water in this image, but it felt a bit flat, the foreground was underexposed and the blue from the sky reflecting in the puddle made it too cold.

I used Lightroom’s graduated filter to increase the exposure in the foreground and bring out more detail of the ripples in the water. Setting the centre point of the filter about one third up the frame, I increased the exposure by about 2 stops until there was a more even tone. Then by playing with the white balance, I increased the temperature to about 5.7k to warm up the image and give it more of an evening sunshine look. Then a little cropping, a quick spot removal of a distracting reflection on the water and applying a slight post crop vignette brought me to my final image.

Sea puddles at sunset-after

Comments and feedback are welcome.

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17 thoughts on “After Before Friday: Week 45

    1. Thanks Ben. Ironically, it pretty much was “golden hour” but the blue left in the sky was reflecting in the water and cooling it down somewhat! I’m glad you like the warmed up version. Thanks for your comment.

  1. I’m drawn to the lines in the railing and the curve of the path. I like that you warmed up the image, it gives it more of a sunset feel. 🙂

  2. I thought I lefts a comment here before – but guess it went with all the stray socks. ha! anyhow, I really like the final version – the back sky seems to glow more in it – and this area looks really nice…

      1. and I loved hearing that you snuck away for the half hour – for some reason it added something to viewing the photo – imaging you alone and on the prowl for a shot or two –

  3. Ah, those lovely ripples and the lines of the railing leading off into the distance! What a beautiful view, Katie, and your edits really brought out all the lovely detail AND the golden hour feel it deserved. Well done 🙂

  4. Beautifully done, Katie. besides the golden hour coloring, you also seem to have a glow that just makes the shot stand out even more. Great job!

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