One Four Challenge: March Week 4 and poll

Robyn G from Captivate Me hosts a monthly feature called One Four Challenge, one image processed four different ways. Each week of the month the participants post a different version of their image. 

For this week’s image I have tried to experiment with filters and textures using LR plug-ins. I wanted to try to create a different effect than I could get in Lightroom and there was a free version of Perfect Effects 9 to try, so I thought I’d give it a go and see how I got on with it.

From the original image with the Lightroom adjustments, I chose edit in Perfect Effects 9 as a plug-in and…

  • Added a HDR glow layer and used the adjustment brush to remove the filter from an area on the swans neck the glow effect had made it too blurry.
  • Using the textures, added a warm concrete subtle filter to the image.
  • When I saved it I had a trouble finding the image again, I must be doing something wrong here as I had thought it would take me back to LR and my new image.
  • Back in LR when I had found the image and imported it back, I reduced the saturation of the yellow and orange and increased the clarity.

cygnet week 4

A gallery of all the edits and the original.

Comments and feedback welcome. Please vote in the poll to let me know which is your favourite.

Why not hop over to see the other posts on the One Four Challenge, click on the link or use the tag “One Four Challenge” in the Reader.


18 thoughts on “One Four Challenge: March Week 4 and poll

  1. There is an added warmth this week, it is really beautiful. Those browns work well and your swan is sharp and stunning. My favorite was week 2, It just popped out to me in BW. I have really enjoyed your edits each week.

  2. wow- this is very hard to decide which I like better. I like the original since there is alot of detail. I like the black and white version. I like week 1 version since it is quite intense..I like the sepia because it is so soft…and I like week 4 because it is so dramatic!! A perfect photo to start with…

  3. Hi Katie 😃😃 Finally made it!
    Im so glad everyone else finds it hard to choose. I do too. Each one is beautiful. The B&W grabs my attention, yet each one makes this beautiful fellow shine in some way. A wonderful series for March 😃😃

      1. Its been busy Katie…lol
        Ive enjoyed the different schedule for sure. A change is good 😜
        Hope youre having a good April too xx

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