Some more eclipse pictures!

Go on, you’ve not seen enough eclipse photos yet have you?

The sky went dark(ish) and it got a bit cold, a few people came out to see the eclipse. Here is what it looked like from our corner of the world in the North of England. Well it never really got this dark, but this is how the camera saw it!


26 thoughts on “Some more eclipse pictures!

  1. I love eclipse pictures! Can’t get enough of them. This is excellent work, Katie. I know how hard it is to produce a dramatic picture of a solar eclipse, I have enough trouble with the lunar versions.

    1. Thanks Robin, I had to experiment a lot and had no solar filter so was a little worried about damaging the sensor. Thankfully the cloud cover acted like a filter so I stuck the camera in manual and experimented with settings. I ended up at 1/2000th sec at one point! I did use live view though, I didn’t want to fry my eyes through the viewfinder!

    1. Thank you. Our last partial eclipse was 15 years ago, I think we’re due another in 10 years time. It looks like there is a total eclipse in your part of the world in a couple of years time though. It is a fascinating series of coincidences that cause the eclipse.

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