Weekly Photo Challenge: Wall



This week for the Daily Post’s photo challenge Cheri is asking us to look at walls and what they reveal about a place. This beautifully ordered bug house is built into one of the walls at Harlow Carr RHS gardens in North Yorkshire. It demonstrates how committed the garden designers and gardeners are to encouraging a diverse range of wildlife into the gardens which is seen all around the site.

Visit the Daily Post for more walls.


33 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Wall

  1. what a great wall – and to then read it is a bughouse – very cool take on the wpc 🙂

    and here is that other photo – it reminded me of your 1:4 photo earlier this year…

      1. well that is weird – maybe copyright stuff – even though I left the guys name on there specifically for credit – well later when you have the chance – I did post it on my blog int he reply to you – so I sonde rid it shows up there…

      2. well the reason we do not always come back is because we do not have to with this way of commenting front he reader – which I love – what a cool feature – ya know?

      3. Yep, just seen it, it’s a really cool pic, sad to see all those poor telephone boxes though. They’d probably be worth a fortune, since loads have been decommissioned they’ve been popping up in people’s gardens and theme parks. Thanks for sharing it. 🙂

      4. i know- it has such a mysterious feeling to it – and I did catch a photo of one of these booths here in richmond va – next to an atm in this pub – ha! and if I come across the photo I will come back and share it – and I also have some back posts of yours to catch up – so I will be back later on for that – hope u have a great rest of your weekend 🙂

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