Black and White 5 day challenge: day 3

Thank you very much to Amy at “The World is a Book” for inviting me to join in the 5 day black and white challenge. Amy’s site has a great selection of beautiful photos taken from her travels around the world. She shares a great quote from Saint Augustine “The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.”

There are two rules for this challenge. The first is to post a black and white image daily for 5 days and then to invite someone different to join each day. The first I can just about manage, but I’m going to do my own version of the second bit. Rather than invite someone to participate in the challenge, I will use each post to introduce a site, forum or challenge where I think that you will find some amazing black and white photos and photographers. Many will need no introduction and may be familiar to you already, but if you’re new to them and love monochrome, please follow the links and visit their sites.

Monochromia is a site exclusively for black and white images that I love to visit. It is is a collaborative group of photographers and features a couple of beautiful images from different photographers each day.

shadow in the shelter


5 thoughts on “Black and White 5 day challenge: day 3

    1. Thanks Cybele. I’m glad you like the new headers, I took the pictures the other day at one of our local parks, the grass under the trees is covered in a carpet of crocuses, it is a beautiful spectacle 🙂

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