After Before Friday: Week 38

AfterBefore Friday is a weekly forum run by Stacy at Visual Venturing where participants get to show their editing skills with (unsurprisingly) an image after they have processed it and what it looked like before. The forum ranges from experts who know Photoshop like the back of their hand to beginners who are just discovering the delights of Lightroom (other programmes are available!). If you want to join in the fun visit Stacy’s blog for all the insider info!

Just to show that Spring is only just around the corner, we have these lovely snowdrops growing in our garden! In the morning the sun shines just behind them, backlighting them nicely. They are very small, delicate flowers and with my new “tubes” I have managed to get near enough for a macro shot. I like the original, but thought it could do with sharpening a little and warming up.



Firstly, I cropped it , just a little to bring the top of the flower with the rain drops into the top left third, then sharpened the image, trying to be very careful not to over-sharpen and concentrating on the main flower by using the radial filter. Then I added a rather large post crop vignette, this was to accentuate the centre of the image and played about with the exposure and shadows to try and increase the illumination from the snowdrop. Finally, in an attempt to warm up the tones of the image, I had a go at using the split toning, some may think that I have gone too far. Anyway, I like the effect, its quite different from the original, but I think more interesting. I hope you like it too, as usual I’d love to know what you think, please feel free to leave a comment.



Last week was the reveal of the One Photo Focus image, supplied this month by Loré at Snow’s Fissures and Fractures, check out her OPF image at Stacy’s Visual Venturing.

Next week will be the One Photo Focus, where we all create different edits of the OPF image, in the meantime, check out the other ABF posts this week has to offer.


16 thoughts on “After Before Friday: Week 38

  1. Very nice. I like your cropping choice, it made for a much improved composition. The warm tone was especially well done. The cold tones of the original evoke a sense of late winter while the final image has the mood of a warm spring morning.

  2. The first image made me shiver… with the editing I could see the sun shining through. I like both of them though as they both evoke a different feeling.

  3. Katie this is a lovely job, the crop is perfect – I esp like how the leaf in the bottom corner reflects and enforces the angle of the stem holding the flower above it 🙂

    Great job on retaining the clear white tones in the snowdrop while warming up the image and giving a spring morning sun feel to the image.

  4. I love the crop, the delicate curve of the leaf at the bottom is very nice frame to the center flowers and the crop removed the distractions int he bottom left corner. I do love the way you warmed up the image with the split toning. I love the results, nicely done.

  5. Too far? Not at all. It still looks very real. Great job with the split tone. It looks like it was shot during golden hour! Every decision you made in processing seems to work perfectly!

  6. Well done, Katie! Love each step of your process. The golden light of the after image is beautiful, as is the bokeh. And kudos on the split toning. Are you taking a page from Ben’s book? I have yet to try it, but his tutorial on the use and effect is wonderful. Lovely image all around!

    1. Thanks Stacy, I see that I am rumbled! Ben’s Digital Darkroom tutorials are excellent, I hadn’t realised the usefulness of split toning in colour photos before. Always learning!! 🙂

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