One Four Challenge: February Week 2

Robyn G from Captivate Me hosts a monthly feature called One Four Challenge, one image processed four different ways. Each week of the month the participants post a different version of their image and at the end create a poll to see which image was the most popular.

Following on from last week’s edit, I cloned out the stone in the bottom right corner as suggested by Stacey from lensaddiction, and converted to black and white. As I had converted straight from last weeks image, it kept the white balance settings and came out with quite a cold, blueish overall tone. I tried converting from the original image, but the conversion from this was rather muddy and boring and the bluer tone looked much better, so I kept this one. Aside from altering the colour mix in the HSL panel so that the blue and aqua were right down so as to bring out the tones in the sky more, I didn’t do much else to it this week.

Here is the finished week two edit.

Click on the image to see a bigger version.

bournemouth beach week2-0089
Week two

Comments and feedback welcome.

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19 thoughts on “One Four Challenge: February Week 2

  1. The black and white has worked really well, possibly would have made the sky a darker tone ( i know you lowered the blue and aqua in the Black and white panel), you could do this by using the gradient adjustment and setting the white white balance colder because this would add blue that would be converted to black. Just an idea.

    1. Thanks Ben, I forget that you can alter things in the gradient adjustment tool other than exposure. I’ll give this a go, although I’m not sure there’s too much more detail in the sky, it was just on the edge of showing some banding too. I’ll have to try it and see. Thanks for the idea and the feedback, much appreciated.

  2. This is a nice edit, the simplicity works well with this scene. I like how the B&W brings out the clouds more in the sky, though I do think I prefer the first edit best so far. This B&W treatment however does give it a sort of dreamy feel, like a reflection in a dream.

    Well done. 🙂

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