One Four Challenge: February Week 1

Robyn G from Captivate Me hosts a monthly feature called One Four Challenge, one image processed four different ways. Each week of the month the participants post a different version of their image and at the end create a poll to see which image was the most popular.

Last month was an eye opener for me, I didn’t realise that it would be so hard to find four (good) images from one original without getting bored with it! At the start of the month I had four images all lined up ready to go, but by week two, they had all changed and I ended up redoing them each week. This month I am just going to do them on a week by week basis and look at the feedback and comments for inspiration.

Thanks to anyone who voted on the poll last week, the most popular, by a country mile, was the image from week three, the black and white with the selective colour. Thanks for all the feedback and comments.

Onto February’s image. It is one I took at the beach at Bournemouth over New Year, it was a glorious day, bearing in mind that five days before in a different part of the country we were sledging!

My steps for editing this week’s image are as follows:-

  • I straightened and cropped it to get the horizon straight and in the top third
  • Applied a graduated filter to bring out the colour in the sky whilst keeping the brightness in the foreground
  • Decreased the overall exposure to even the tones in the image
  • Increased the temperature to warm it up a bit, then brought up the blue tones in the RGB curve as they were looking a bit murky
  • I boosted the highlights, clarity, saturation and clarity
  • Lastly I got rid of a couple of dust marks and a bird that looked like a small blob!

Click on the image to see a bigger version.

Week One
Week One

Comments and feedback welcome.

Why not hop over to see the other posts on the One Four Challenge, click on the link or use the tag “One Four Challenge” in the Reader.




23 thoughts on “One Four Challenge: February Week 1

  1. Such a gorgeous sight Katie and a beautiful image to work with for this month!
    Really like the composition and your edits so far.
    I think you did really well extracting 😜 so many versions from your phone box last month.
    Looking forward to your progression throughout Feb 😃

    1. Thanks for your lovely comments Robyn. You are running a great challenge, it really makes you think about your editing choices. I am looking forward to the challenge this month’s image brings. 🙂

  2. I like the soft tones and subject matter with the reflections in the sand. Lots to work on, Katie, you shouldn’t get bored with this image. I can relate to your comments about the choice of subject matter and taking one week at a time, rather than lining up your edits in advance. It’s my choice this month too.

  3. Katie lovely image and excellent job on the processing, I know just how hard it is to deal with washed out skys on bright sunny days 🙂

    Excellent use of leading lines in the composition as well. That stone in the sand off to the right with the dark shadow kept catching my eye, what would it looked like if you cropped that out I wonder?

    1. Thanks Stacey, fortunately there was some detail left in the sky, but thank goodness for the gradient filter! Thanks also for pointing out the stone in the foreground, I’m going to see what it would look like cropped out as it doesn’t really add to the picture. I like your post about commenting and critiquing earlier in the week, these are the sort of forums that constructive criticism should help.

  4. Ah, poor bird. 🙂 Very nice composition, I see many possibilities here. Nice light edit, it feels like it was taken at the sunset.
    I feel the same about your opening line, you think you have a perfect image, then you get stuck. I find that feedback helps me a lot, many times others gave me an idea what to do for the next week.

    1. Poor bird, but it had to go 😦 The picture was taken at around midday, but at this time of year the sun never really gets too high in the sky. I am looking forward to seeing the other One Four posts this week, its an exciting and stimulating challenge to take part in. Thanks for your comment Loré. 🙂

  5. Thank you very much, it really was. Living about as far away from the beach as you can get in this small island country, I do love to go to the beach, especially in winter! 🙂

  6. This is a nice calming image. I like the brightness and light reflection on the sand as well. It makes me feel like the photo is telling me to be in the here and now. 🙂

    This is only my second month participating in this challenge but I love it. I agree with you and the others that it’s not the easiest to find a pic that lends itself well to four different edits. I’ve been taking it week by week and I think I like this method best though I’ve not tried the other. I like the chance to reflect and imagine.

    Now on to your second edit! 😉

    1. Thanks for your comments, eLPy. It was a lovely scene and I’m glad you like the overall feel of it.
      This is only my second month of One Four too, it is quite a challenge! I think that the week by week method seems to work better, at least that way you can develop (excuse the pun!) it as you move along. 🙂

      1. Absolutely, plus I’ve found – especially this month – it helps to put distance between me and the image. I’ll have to stop back by and check out your first month. 🙂

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