After Before Friday: Week 34

AfterBefore Friday is a weekly forum run by Stacy at Visual Venturing where participants get to show their editing skills with (unsurprisingly) an image after they have processed it and what it looked like before. The forum ranges from experts who know Photoshop like the back of their hand to beginners who are just discovering the delights of Lightroom (other programmes are available!). If you want to join in the fun visit Stacy’s blog for all the insider info!

I was very pleased the other day to see that this image had been published in our local magazine “The Saltaire Review”.  I sent them three photos and they used two of them, this included. It is a newly started magazine, mainly aimed at local arts events and they have a page for photographs of the local area.  This is the second time my photos have been included. Before starting this blog I could not have thought I would have the confidence to send anyone my pictures, but after nearly a year of posting on WordPress, I feel my skills and confidence have increased enough to see if I can take things further. World, here I come! 😉

Anyway, to the image…



It needed very little in the way of changing exposure, I may have increased the contrast and clarity a little, but nothing major. It did have the problem, however, of a big blob of bird muck on the letterbox which I did not notice until I put it through the computer, lovely! I did really quite like the image and so didn’t want to waste it, so I tried to clone the bird mess out. The clone tool in Lightroom is a very effective, useful tool, but it is quite a laborious task and the computer kept picking the wrong area to clone from, but I soon worked out how to drag this area to a more suitable one. I had to zoom right in to clone the mess out, but I think it was worth it, it didn’t really add anything to the image! I did try to straighten the picture, as I’m not normally one for the angled photo (is it called a “Dutch Angle”?) but it looks so much better tilted, far more dynamic! So I’ll have to leave my obsessive straightening tendencies until another time!


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Next week is our second One Photo Focus post where we will all be editing Manal Ali’s interesting street scene.




14 thoughts on “After Before Friday: Week 34

  1. Way to go, Katie!! And you did I great job using Lightroom’s cloning/healing tool in this very detailed area. The tool has come a long way in its scope, but I usually find the need for areas like this to take it in to Photoshop. So well done! Beautiful DOF, by the way, and I agree with the Dutch angle. More dynamic.

    1. Thanks Stacy. I’ve no idea what the clone tool was like in older versions, but in LR5 it has done a pretty decent job. I’ve still not ventured into the world of Photoshop, maybe when I have more time to try and understand it, but for now Lightroom is enough to manage!

  2. You did a great job on cloning out the bird droppage!! Lightroom has some great tutorials on their help tab whenever you get stuck with something. Oh, and congratulations on the publishing. I have now submitted twice to local programs and have not even received an honorable mention.

    1. That is a shame, you have some great photos of your local sights. When you are famous, they will be kicking themselves! Thanks for your comment, LR has some great tutorials, I suppose that’s one advantage of using a program that lots of professionals use, there is plenty of help and support!

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