After Before Friday: week 33

AfterBefore Friday is a weekly forum run by Stacy at Visual Venturing where participants get to show their editing skills with (unsurprisingly) an image after they have processed it and what it looked like before. The forum ranges from experts who know Photoshop like the back of their hand to beginners who are just discovering the delights of Lightroom (other programmes are available!). If you want to join in the fun visit Stacy’s blog for all the insider info!

Many years ago, I did an evening Adult Ed class on photography and in it we did a bit about developing film and processing in the darkroom. I came across some of the prints that I made from this time, there really aren’t many as we didn’t spend a lot of time in the darkroom, but I was interested to see if they would stand being scanned onto the computer. Amazingly, the couple I scanned didn’t look too bad and so I imported one into Lightroom to see if I could clean up the image a bit.


Looking at the picture, it was not quite straight, it has some weird thing going on in the bottom right corner and the traffic sign was rather distracting.

Starburst building - workflow-42

I cropped and straightened the image to remove the light reflections from the bottom right corner and to remove a bit of the pavement in the foreground. I also slightly increased the exposure and reduced the black clipping and the highlights, but the image still felt a little harsh. Seeing as I have been messing about with split toning the past few weeks, I thought I’d try it on this image to softening it slightly.

Starburst building - workflow-41

Going for cyan highlights and brown shadows, I adjusted the balance until I had a warmer, sepia-like tone. It helps make the starburst effect less harsh too.

Then using the clone and heal tool, I removed the sign and cleaned up a few spots in the picture. A post crop vignette and the image was finished.





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14 thoughts on “After Before Friday: week 33

  1. great job Katie, I have the hardest time getting horizons straight! I love what you have done with the image, although I like the old one as well, it has the feel of old film or holga camera with light leaks and all.

    1. I’m the same, I always seem to think the camera is straight and when I look at the image, it looks like its been taken on a slope! I love the Lightroom straighten tool, although I can get a bit obsessive with lining everything up! Thanks for commenting! 🙂

  2. Katie, it’s so awesome that you did spent time in the darkroom. That is an alien world for me – one I know only from seeing it portrayed in movies :). To marry the old with the new is a great way to showcase the power of today’s post-processing tools. I understood your reasons for each step you took, you executed them wonderfully, and the final image is a great transformation. One question? Is that someone in the window of the old house? With your split toning effect, it made me think of “Psycho.” And I mean that as a compliment 😀

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