Weekly Photo Challenge: Shadows



For the Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Shadows




16 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Shadows

  1. Katie – feels like the opening to a movie – and there is a bit of green in the middle – on the ground – and the ladies walk is felt with that foot up – then in addition tot he shadow – we get a single car, single light, single sign – I just wonder where you were when you got a shot like this…. doing PI work? ha! Sherlock Katie

    1. Ha! Far more boring than that, I was going down to the train station! I wasn’t intentionally following or shadowing her, she just stepped into the lit part of the shot and I had my phone out at the right time! πŸ˜‰

      1. oh that is fun – but I like imagining you and your daughter (the one that was ‘outside’ the phone booth) incognito waiting for the shot – ha!

  2. Once more, your photo is a delight for me to look at because of the questions it raises for me. Where is she going? Who is in the car waiting for her? What is behind the fence on the right with the trees? Is it the river? Yes indeed, it reminds me of one of the Inspector Morse movies I have seen.

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