Happy 2015!


Happy New Year to you all!

This blog is only 10 months old, but it has already helped me to interact with many wonderful people. To all my followers and any of you just dropping in for a quick look, “Thank you very much!” your support has been amazing.

Sharing my photos has encouraged me to think harder about what I photograph and strive for better quality and more considered images. The WordPress Reader has lead me to many bloggers sharing wonderful photographs and I hope will continue to do so.

Here is a gallery with a few of my “most popular” posts, I hope you enjoy them. Click on any of the images to view as a slideshow.

And here’s a big thank you to my top commenters (as listed in my WordPress stats!), its been a pleasure conversing with you!

Yvette at Priorhouse Blog with her witty, considered posts and wise comments, The Dune Mouse with her stunningly beautiful ethereal photos, Stacy at Visual Venturing with her great photos and running the AfterBefore Friday forum and Cee at ceenphotography for her superb photography and well coordinated frequent fun foto challenges, I don’t know how she has the time!

Heres hoping 2015 will be just as good, if not better!!





25 thoughts on “Happy 2015!

  1. Thank you so much for your mention Katie and for sharing all your breathtaking photos!! I love your vision and I’m honoured by your support!! All the best of the New Year Katie!!!

  2. Katie, you’ve chosen some great shots here- or your followers have. It’s funny that I follow every blog you’ve mentioned here. And they are all great ladies; Y. Prior, and Celeste, and Stacy, and Cee. They have all helped me become more discerning and, I believe, a better photographer! Happy New Year!

    1. It’s like one big international photo club! You’re so right about these ladies (and many others, yours included) helping develop (no pun intended!) our photography skills. This blogging lark is a great vehicle for learning new techniques, finding new ideas and of course the constant praise that our egos always seek! All the best for the new year to you and Mrs P!

  3. well from the ones you gave us – the rocks/refraction image is my fav – but out of all of yours – the two I like most are the wpc twinkle and the mm #38 (boats) – but that twinkle one (with the railing, the glisten and the whole feel – well it is a really nice fav…. 🙂

    1. oh and thanks so much for saying my posts are sometimes witty – that made me smile.
      Also, I have to tell you that I appreciate when you come around my blog to leave a comment – and one of the most special comments you left me this year was with my tea/book post. That was such a weird post for me – it was dry and a bit draining – and I think I made the mistake of doing too much in one pop like that… and well – your comment on that post was the first to come in and it really was like a breath of fresh air….

      your words felt like a huge pat on the back – you wrote –
      “Excellent post. I loved the pairing of the teas and books…”
      and Katie -honestly – you will never know how much that comment meant to me that day! – and then you added, wonderful idea (etc) – and well truly a highlight and I look forward to crossing blog paths in 2015 – ❤

      1. Its always a pleasure and I also appreciate a great deal when you comment on my posts. Its not always easy to find time (or sometimes think of what to say), but you have definitely encouraged me to think harder about commenting so thank you for that. Your tea post was a really cool idea. 🙂

      1. yeah, I guess they do – but it is not really the water I like in each of the pics – like in the twinkle one – it is the coloring – the dark against the light – the twinkle in the water – but then the centering and the whole feel – and the refraction one – it is the color of the rocks and their stacked feel – and then the boat one had that guy – and the near – mid -and far feel – and oh my I am talking way too much about this – lol – but maybe it is all the water theme afterall….

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