Switching on the Lights

Christmas carols and mince pies accompanied the switching on of the Christmas tree lights outside Victoria Hall in Saltaire.  A chance to try some outdoor photography for a change. Is it too early for Christmas photos?

This last one I tried out in black and white for Leanne Cole and Laura Macky’s Monochrome Madness. I hope you can still feel the atmosphere despite losing the colourful Christmas lights.

Christmas Lights-0176-2


6 thoughts on “Switching on the Lights

  1. I think the belief- at least the practice- is that it’s never too early for Christmas displays and music. The stores had decorations up starting around the 1st of November. And I’m sure you’ve heard of Black Friday- the travesty that kicks off the holiday season for consumers in the states.

    1. This year we had the pleasure of Black Friday over here, people fighting in the aisles over tellies, really is it worth it? You wouldn’t catch me going anywhere near the shops on Black Friday, Purple Thursday or whatever name they dream up next to make people buy more rubbish they don’t need…rant over!

    1. No, strangely in the 48 hours since I took these, it seems much, much nearer Christmas. I’m glad you liked the street lamp, the whiteness of it and the way it lit the branches caught my eye!

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