AfterBefore Friday: week 27

AfterBefore Friday is a weekly forum hosted by Stacy from Visual Venturing for photographers to show you their images before and after processing.

After all the excitement of last week’s AfterBefore Friday Forum, I thought I’d go for a more simple post this week.

The autumn leaves are still falling and there are the burnt umbers and rust colours everywhere. It continues to be damp and cold and foggy though, so it is hard for the beautiful autumn colours to shine through. As the rain was pounding down outside, this photo was taken indoors on an old bit of wood with natural light from the window. It came out a little dull however so I processed it through Lightroom to bring out the colours of the leaf and the texture of the wood.

The composition was, I felt, fine so I didn’t crop or straighten it at all.  I increased the exposure a little, and the contrast a lot and then worked on the colours. The oranges and yellows were the main colours to work on so I increased the saturation in both and decreased the hue so it wasn’t too overpowering and then increased the luminance in just those colours to bring some life into the image (I decreased the overall highlights to only bring out the yellows and oranges). Then just a bit of sharpening and smoothing, a slight vignette and hey presto, a finished image.

For other AfterBefores, see this weeks forum post.

There’s no AfterBefore Friday next week due to Thanksgiving, so “Happy Thanksgiving” for next week to our American friends and see you for more ABFriday action in two weeks time.


10 thoughts on “AfterBefore Friday: week 27

  1. Ahh, lovely fall colors, beautiful in your after version, Katie! Love that you took the photo indoors. No way I would have guessed that if you hadn’t mentioned it. Hope the weather is now better, and thanks for pointing out about the ABF vacation next Friday. I forgot to specifically mention that in my own post!

  2. I like your after 🙂 – and thanks for the thanksgiving greetings – also hope it is not too damp and foggy this week so you can enjoy the colors more. 🙂 ❤ Have a nice day KP!

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