AfterBefore Friday – Week 18

Thanks to Stacy at Visual Venturing for including my photos in her forum last week. I received lots of really positive comments, so am going for week 2!

After – Mercury Monterey
Before - Mercury Monterey
Before – Mercury Monterey

At the weekend I visited a classic car rally (well actually I was volunteering as a festival photographer – maybe more of that later) mostly Rovers of some kind, but there were other marques. This Mercury Monterey was the only American car and truly stood out, we don’t have cars like this over here! It was a beautiful pastel blue shade and had the most amazing shiny chrome headlights and grille. The original had come out nearer to grey (I guess this is what cameras do, make an “average” of everything!), very flat and not like the beautiful shade I had seen.  I wanted to make it more vibrant, more saturated and even create an exaggerated colour for a more “arty” feel.

Here are my processing steps:-

  • I increased the clarity and saturation to separate the tones and warm up the image as a whole.
  • After a period of trial and error with the aqua, blue and green colour sliders, I settled on an increased aqua hue (with blue slightly increased and green slightly decreased) and slightly increased the saturation in the blue and aqua sliders.
  • Then I cropped the image to get the Mercury badge in the top left corner and remove the distracting reflections on the bonnet (sorry hood, it is an American car after all!)
  • I then added a post crop vignette to draw the eye to the centre of the frame.

I also took a shot of the back of the car. I loved the shape of the  back lights, but unfortunately (stupidly) missed off the front of the badge (curses!). I did manage to get Ron Jon’s surf shop in though!

If you want to see other After-Before images, check out Stacy’s ABFriday post.

Mercury Monterey - back
ercury Monterey – back

11 thoughts on “AfterBefore Friday – Week 18

  1. really enjoyed these shots – and you did bring out a much better hue – so nice. and how cool that you got in the Ron Jon’s – that shop is a very familiar place for us – and we saw Kevin Spacey there on one trip. ha! anyhow, enjoyed hearing your editing process – and I love car shows. I do not get to go often – but they have their own culture. 🙂

    1. Thanks for your lovely comments, how cool seeing Kevin Spacey out shopping! Have to say, that car shows are not my usual hangout, but it is great to see the people who have looked after these vehicles and are so enthusiastic to talk about them. There is something very enchanting about these old cars!! 🙂

    1. Thanks for your comment Lora, I’m enjoying being involved with the forum. At least it’s making me think of what on earth I am trying to achieve with my image anyway! Hoping to have some more ABFriday posts lined up soon.

  2. Katie, what great shots! I love the POV on both of them – missing the emblem in the second didn’t bother me in the least – you got the Ron Jon’s sign instead 🙂 As for the after-before shot, it’s amazing what a few simple adjustments can make to a photo. The after image just pops right off the screen! Reading your discussion about trial and error with the sliders, did you try using the targeted adjustment tool in the HSL panel? It takes the guess work out of figuring out which sliders to use to adjust a color. Very handy. Thanks so much for participating – can’t wait to see more 🙂

    1. Thanks Stacey for taking the time to make such a detailed comment. I didn’t know about the targeted adjustment tool in Lightroom, so I’ve just been looking it up. I think I’ll definitely have to have a play with that one, looks like you can use it for tone curves and black and white adjustments too. Thank you for pointing me towards this, I have so much to learn about LR. There should be some more ABFridays coming you way soon from me (if I can remember to email on time!) I have really enjoyed participating! 🙂

      1. Glad I pointed it out to you, Katie. Take a closer look at the video from this week as it shows using the TAT to remove the color from the book’s pages. I think it’s about 2 minutes in 🙂

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