Thought Bubbles

About a month ago, I saw a great post on everyphototunity talking about taking shots of soap bubbles mid air and the effects achieved with them. She had been inspired by a photographer called Richard Heeks who takes truly amazing photographs of bubbles.  I thought that I would like to have a go at this too and with my 12 year old assistant tried to create some bubble effects.

Well, it is really hard and I definitely need some more practise with this technique. Firstly, you almost certainly need an assistant who is willing to constantly create bubbles for you as it will take a huge amount of  bubbles just to get any in focus, let alone any that look decent, that are well lit, etc. I was relatively pleased with my results, but looking back again on Richard Heeks‘ images, I have a very long way to go!

I would really like to have another go at this though, it seems that the background and the subject (i.e. the image reflected in the bubble) also play a huge part in the impact of the image.

I did also try one in black and white and I think it has a very different mood to it. What do you think?



25 thoughts on “Thought Bubbles

  1. They’re gorgeous. The black & white one is more sombre but I like how it shows up the textures – makes the bubble look more solid.

  2. I was trying the same thing and quickly learned that the background is as important as the bubbles. Very much. And lightning, of course. No flash… It has to be bright and the background needs to be nice but neutral so the bubbles can pop out (pun! haha) It is quite funny how I go like a maniac after a bubble, but yeah definitely worth to explore 🙂

    1. It is quite amazing how quickly the bubbles float away, I’d need lots of practise before I attempt this I public! Quite right about the lighting though. 🙂

  3. Hi, thanks for linking to my blog; I’m pleased to see you also had a go at trying to capture bubbles on your camera. I think your images have come out really good, my favourite being the multiple bubbles against the dark green background. The black and white one is nicely done too and does look completely different than in colour. Well done 🙂

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