Locks and Latches

Locks and Latches
Locks and Latches


Whilst looking around the grand marble and alabaster family tombs in Exeter cathedral, I came across a wooden trunk with the most amazing system of locks and latches. At some point they may have been keeping some very important documents or possessions very safe.

I found the mechanisms very intriguing, how on earth did it work? Did it still work? The top of the lid was obscured so you couldn’t see how it would have been opened. Would you need a key, a handle? Was it all just for decoration? All this will have to remain in my imagination as I could find no information about it, maybe its better that way!





17 thoughts on “Locks and Latches

  1. Long ago I bought a large oak document box at a flea market. It was old, and it was locked, and there was no key. I left it with a locksmith who returned it to me (opened) a month later. He said it was the most fun he’d had all year.

  2. Woah, whoever created this in the first place was indeed an artist; I think they’d be pleased to know that you thought so too and captured it in such a wonderful photo! Love the mystery.

  3. really loved this -and it is fascinating – custom made for sure – and I love what you wrote about it – it added to my reflecting of such an amazing piece…. 🙂

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