A splash of colour

20130721-DSC_0108Inspired by a comment on the blog Brooklynbystander (www.brooklynbystander.com) about isolating certain colours in Lightroom, I thought I’d give it a try. I chose a few photos with some bold colours in them and followed this video. It was quite simple (once I had found that you use the saturation slider rather than the hue!!).

I’m not 100 percent sure I like the finished images (they’re growing on me!), but I am pleased that I had a go. What do you think? Click on one of the photos below to view the gallery.



11 thoughts on “A splash of colour

  1. well I love the finished images – especially the 3rd one – of the phone booth – but each have this cool, techy feel – and the choice of old subjects has a rich feel – I think I like the bench on least – but it was growing on me as I soaked these up – but the little post office box has such detail – I can feel the layered paint – and well, I bet some old-timers would appreciate this post even more – like those who grew up when that kinda box was new….
    oh – and thanks for sharing some of the thoughts behind your inspiration – sometimes I love hearing that because it helps us to get to know the blogger more = and we feel your experimenting more and all that = very cool post = oh – and the pink rose is stunning – and is what brought me back to leave a comment – 🙂

  2. Thanks for your comments Yvette! I agree about the bench, it was the first one I did and it doesn’t have as much “punch” as the others. I’m glad you like the red postbox though, we have quite a few of them over here and most of them are covered in about 50 years worth of layered paint. If it ain’t broke! 🙂

    1. Hi again – well I think the bench has a lot of punch – and I love it from the technical standpoint – and you give us the little areas of dipped paint and it is so clear I could almost feel the grooves. But what pulled from the shot for me was the rest of the bench – all the competing curves maybe – the grain of the wood maybe – so it was more the subject that was less appealing that your color isolation (and again I enjoyed reading about the process with that). anyhow, it is still growing on me though – isn’t that funny – I come back to comment and then find it still has an impact – which I guess is another sign of a great photo post –

      1. I see what you’re saying, so there is too much going on in the background that detracts from the red bit? Well, I’m really grateful for your constructive comments (really I am) and I have had another go at it. I don’t know if you can blur out the background in Lightroom (maybe have to find out another time?), but I have darkened the background and increased the red hue and added a vignette to try and draw attention into the subject. Its still no masterpiece, but I think that it looks a little better. Park Bench#2 Thank you again for your comment, I’d be interested to see what you think of this revised image. 🙂

      2. hey Katie – sounds cool to try another version – but the funny thing is that is what is growing on me is actually the other swirls and all that is going on in the back…. so even though I am curious to see the other – I do actually like this one as is – and and the inner little flowers snide the swirls begin to make a pattern when you soak up the photo – a balanced pattern of two int he front (large on top and in the red) and then two the back (do you know what I mean).

        and one more thought – just while we are not he topic – 🙂
        well have you also heard about comparison perceptions? Well I guess many studies have shown this – and we have all lived it enough to know it is true – and marketers know it – but many times our opinion, mood, or feel of an item is impacted by what it is presented with. and in this case, I wonder if the feeling of that photo was So different form the other two – well that it stood out for that reason. maybe not – but I have seen this happen before – mostly with art – but it is universal.

        Like I had a student win at an art show – the top award – but later I realized that his piece was maybe not the best – but it was so different from a ll the rest – it was so light and lively compared the 80 other entries that really all felt the same – and when you came around to his piece – it won because of how it compared.

        I heard this happens in athletic judging. Like if some bad performs – like really bad – the next person will usually score higher as opposed to that person following an almost perfect performance. I can’t recall the terms for it – but your post here really reminded me of this – because coming back a third time – ha! I find I may like the bench shot the most now – haha

      3. Ah, I have got the image stuck in your head now. I’ve not heard of the term comparison perceptions before, but I see what you mean. Thanks for the dialogue, I’ve enjoyed it. 🙂

    1. I annoyed it to – and it is fun when we have the time to visit with our blogging friends – and all 3 images are stuck in my head – but I am glad – have a good week….

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