Recently as I have been driving to and from work, I have spotted a beautiful blue carpet appear in some of the local woods. The bluebells seem to be everywhere, this must be a very good year for them. We have had a wet winter, but not as cold as normal, they must like that. I was getting worried that I would miss them (they don’t usually last long!) so I took myself off to the woods to find some. I was not disappointed! The bluebells were like a frothy blue veil covering the woodland floor,beautiful!

I nearly deleted the last one, it looks like I pressed the shutter as I was dropping the camera, but then I cropped it and boosted the colour (in Lightroom) and I quite like the abstract effect.


9 thoughts on “Bluebells

  1. Very nice. From a distance your bluebells look quite similar to those we have in Virginia. The close-ups show the differences. I liked them all. Good that you kept the “accident.” Pursuing that motion technique could lead you into some interesting territory.

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